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Hubert Hermans (The Netherlands) – Recent Developments in Dialogical Self Theory
Giancarlo Dimaggio (Italy) – Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy for personality disorders as a dialogical practice
Robert Neimeyer (USA) – Performing Healing Dialogues: Reconstructing Relationships in Bereavement
Henderikus Stam (Canada) - Saving “critical thinking” from mere rhetoric through dialogism

Invited Lectures

Jaan Valsiner (Denmark) - Differentiation and integration within the Dialogical Self 
Tom Brinthaupt
(USA) - Exploring Individual Differences in Self-Talk Content and Frequency
Tania Zittoun (Switzerland) -  Dialogical dynamics of lifecourse
Vincent Hevern (USA) - Challenges to Dialogicality and Individuation in Techno-Digital Culture
Rens van Loon (Netherlands)

Invited Symposiums

Agnieszka Konopka (The Netherlands) - Dialogical Self Theory and Psychotherapy: Bridging Psychotherapeutic Traditions and Cultural Contexts
Barbara Schellhammer (Germany) - Philosophical Queries and Investigations of the DST
Frans Wijsen (The Netherlands) - (De)radicalization, Democracy and Dialogue
Lívia Simão (Brazil) - The self in dialogue: disquieting experiences at the borders of others
Charl Alberts (South Africa) - Identity struggles in a South African context of fundamental social change: A dialogical self interpretation
Marie-Cecile Bertau (USA) - The Self's Living Voices in Transitions and Development
Raquel da Silva (United Kingdom) - Extremism, Political Violence and Deradicalisation: A Narrative-Dialogical Perspective
Olga Lehman (Norway) – The aesthetics of polyphony
Mariann Martsin (Australia) and Katrin Kullasepp (Estonia) - Theorising professional identity development: Dialogical Self perspective
Jan Gube (Hong Kong) - Charting the sociocultural territory of the dialogical self: Insights from the education of culturally diverse youngsters
Bob Fecho (USA) - Teachers, Teaching, and the Dialogical Self
Jaan Valsiner (Denmark) - Dialogical Self in Constraining Umwelts
Piotr Oleś (Poland) - Dialogical construction of identity
Crista Weise (Spain) - Identities in education: Dialogical Self perspective and educational change
Rens van Loon (Netherlands) - Techniques to develop your position-repertoire (centering, decentering, meta-positioning, promotor-positioning, transpositioning)
Ali Leijen (Estonia) - Dialogue for bridging student teachers’ personal and professional identity
Kiyomi Banda (Japan) - Career development in the life long learning society: Dialogical Self on career stages

Invited Workshops

John Fisher (United Kingdom) - An exploration using Procter’s Time Element Grid to identify movement in I selves over time
John Rowan  (United Kingdom) - The Dialogical Self in the Practice of Psychotherapy
Agnieszka Konopka (The Netherlands) - Com-posing the self in dialogue with emotions. An artistic-contemplative method
Ton Voogt (Netherlands) - Promoting Cooperative actions in constructing a Dialogical Self
Dina Nir (Israel) - Character Strenghts & Virtues and I-Positions

Pre-Conference Workshop

Giancarlo Dimaggio (Italy) 

Post-Conference Discussion

Hubert Hermans (The Netherlands) - 100 Questions to Hubert Hermans